Liam Binns

A multi-disciplinary graphic designer with ten years experience of working primarily on branding and web based projects. He specialises in brand design.

He has also worked on a range of self-initiated projects and briefs, ranging from magazines to packaging.

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Top 5 ways to advertise your business on a budget

Top 5 ways to advertise your business on a budget


Providing public updates across various social networks will give you almost instant free advertisements. You will need to spend a bit of time perfecting the information and settings first but it takes seconds to actually sign up and start using most platforms.

The most popular of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each are free to use but have paid advertising options built-in. To make the most of these social networks ensure the content you're uploading is of a high standard, this has been proven more likely to catch the attention of consumers.
Example posts might include a product that people can purchase with a well thought out description or upcoming events with details on how your followers can attend. I have also found that asking questions gets followers interacting and providing you with free consumer data to play with. This could be something simple, as long as it's relevant to your business. A cafe owner may ask "You can build any sandwich, what would you fill it with?". This is quite a personal approach but it gives you an idea of what your potential customers might like to see on the menu.

I can provide you with social media profile photos and banner/cover photos at very competitive prices. Please contact me here for more information.


Giving your customers a chance to win something will always be of interest, to both loyal and new customers. If promoted in the correct way this can be the quickest way of organically growing without having to spend a great deal. You could put up posters, post on social media pages or hand out flyers giving people information on how they can enter. Obviously you need to be careful, make sure you can afford to give your product or service away even just to one winner. Using a cafe owner as an example again, they might choose to give away 1 coffee, every day for a week or every 100th customer has a free drink. This encourages people to come through the doors in hope that they get a freebie. 

You might have a loss for that 1 takeaway coffee but the promotion could draw an extra 50 people through the door every day. 

Social media giveaways are also extremely popular. It's a fantastic way of growing your followers and increasing your online reach. Again, you might offer a free coffee to one random follower on the condition that they 'follow' and 'share' the original giveaway post. (Just make sure you include a closing date).

It can be difficult to gather your data following a successful campaign especially if there are multiple stages to your giveaway. The following tools are really useful for running competitions across social media:

Please contact me for any help with setting up a giveaway or promotion. I can provide digital and print advertisements including social media images, flyers and posters - to maximise reach.


Old but gold. Business cards still work, they're great for picking up and checking out later. Easy to pick up and ever present in the wallet. A well designed business card will catch the eye and encourage people to pick it up and look. If its particularly unique people will often pick up a couple, these people are then carrying your brand around on a daily basis. 

Combining your business card with a loyalty card is another good way of persuading people to remember your brand and also come back for more. In fact, this is something you see a lot in the cafe/restaurant field. If you're considering the loyalty card route, you could run a little promotion to get the ball rolling. For example, double loyalty points on every hot drink - one week only. You might find the people who normally visit once a day visit twice a day, just to get their free drink quicker.

I can provide a wide range of business and loyalty card styles and designs for all price ranges. Please contact me for more information.


If you work together with other local businesses and help promote each other it can be a very fast way to develop. This technique can work through social media and store-to-store. Sharing online posts is an obvious way of implementing community growth but an example of store-to-store promotion would be offering x-amount off at your friends shop with every x-amount-spend in yours. They would do the same for you, which in turn creates more business for both stores. It doesn't guarantee sales but it will attract more people through the door. 

However, this type of advertisement isn't restricted to money off discounts. It could simply be an exchange of posters to pin up in neighbours shop fronts. Think about your target market, where else might they shop? Those are the places you need to ask to advertise your business.

I can provide a many print based outcomes to assist this type of promotion. Gift vouchers, gift cards or receipt wallets. Please contact me with any questions.


Integrated brand promotion is essentially a marketing element which ensures that your brand message is consistent throughout your marketing. Keep your promotions and campaigns looking the same across all devices, platforms and formats. This will help people relate these advertisements with your brand in the future.

Apply your brand to items such as carrier or tote bags. Items that will be carried and advertising your business/promotion to the public without them even realising. Other ideas might include branded coasters or placemats. 

Realistically your brand can be placed almost anywhere these days and whilst it's not recommended to plaster your logo everywhere, it's vital that you tactically place your branding in areas where people spend a lot of time looking or sitting. Take a moment to observe where your customers look or think about things they're forced to look at (such as doors, steps or walls). These are the areas to consider placing your logo.

I can provide branding in formats which can be applied to almost any material or object. Please contact me for further information on these services.

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