Liam Binns

A multi-disciplinary graphic designer with ten years experience of working primarily on branding and web based projects. He specialises in brand design.

He has also worked on a range of self-initiated projects and briefs, ranging from magazines to packaging.

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Top 5 design trends you'll see in 2018

Top 5 design trends you'll see in 2018


As the web becomes more and more compatible with our devices, designers have needed to work in tandem by making sure company logos are displaying correctly across a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions. From iPhone to billboard, the logo must look perfect and remain recognisable to the consumer. Elements of the logo are removed in order to shrink to the desired size but still keep the key brand colours/symbols. 

Below is an image showing the stages of responsive logo design, as you can see many elements are lost but you can still identify the brand.


Neither double exposure or duotone are new to the scene, but we expect to see it more than ever in 2018. Traditionally popular in screen printing, halftone images are placed on top of each other to achieve this bright and eye catching outcome. 

The same outcome can be achieved easily in digital imaging software and has become mainstream across both the digital and print industry of late.


The 80's and 90's are back in a big way! The patterns and colour combinations you were happy to leave behind are now being favoured by some huge companies. Expect to see the pastel colour schemes everywhere over the coming months. 

Similarly to the duotone method, this is likely a way of grabbing the attention of the consumer using powerful colours and geometric shapes. Depending on the company and its product/service the nostalgia might also be used to pull in the consumer. Perfect for those with a target market of 20-40 year olds.


Another huge trend for 2018, particularly for the teen and young adult market. Bright illustration and line drawings over the top of photographs to give that edgy and almost psychedelic effect. Breaking the rules to make otherwise boring images jump out at the consumer.


Corrupting imagery seems to be huge at the moment. Drawing over them, slicing them or simply destroying them is now acceptable. Take sections of your photograph, usually rectangular, horizontal chunks and shift them to give that broken, corrupted outcome. This can be used very effectively in small doses and is complimented well with typography.

If you have any questions about how you can adopt any of the above trends, please contact me here

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