Takahoa became an established Kennel Club breeder in 2015, after always having had German Shepherds in the family. Takahoa is built on love, passion and a wonderful community of friendly owners.




The client asked for a logo with a premium aesthetic to match its Kennel Club status.

The logo and brand uses a black and tan colour palette - a colour combination used to describe the coats of some German Shepherds.

Takahoa 'Puppy Pack'

With each puppy, the new owner is gifted a 'Puppy Pack', a document folder containing a helpful booklet explaining each aspect of looking after their new puppy. This pack also includes the Takahoa business card, Kennel Club certificates and insurance documents.

Takahoa folder.jpg


An information hub for the Takahoa family featuring text and imagery updates regarding previous and future litters.